Smart Supercooled PCM Heat Battery for Long-term Storage

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Thermal energy storage (TES) is a key element for effective and efficient generation and utilization of heat where heat supply and heat demand do not match spatially and in time. This covers effective thermal management in the sectors heating and cooling, process heat and power generation as well as increased utilization of renewable energy systems. The SmartHeat project is going to introduce smart composite material which can store the heat for both short and long-term storage time. This smart material will store the heat in meta stable supercooled salt hydrate that can be triggered by electrical pulse while discharging speed can be controlled which is very advantageous for future smart heat batteries. The novel compact and smart heat battery will be compatible with wide range of applications. The smart thermal energy storage can bring a flexible, secure and sustainable energy system. The Compact and scalable heat batteries which are tailored for commercial and domestic use can improve the energy efficiency in homes and meeting large scale industrial challenges of grid constraints and curtailment, allowing continuous generation from renewable energy technologies.

The aim of SmartHeat project is to develop smart and compact heat battery technology which will be intelligently designed to provide a clean, efficient and cost-effective thermal energy storage solution. The proposed smart phase change material (PCM) and system will provide: - Boosting the Long-term storage capability for the PCMs . - Controllable PCM based smart heat battery with high energy density.

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The SmartHeat will provide breaking through technology by eliminating phase separation, fast crystal growth, self-nucleation and temperature change sensitivity of salt hydrates for future short and long-term smart heat battery by fulfilling below tasks: - The proper integration of salt hydrate with sustainable polymers to fully realize their potential in meta stable supercooled state for thermal storage applications. This task will include: 1- tailoring the storage duration and density by manipulating the crystal growth of the salt hydrates 2- unique electrical trigger ability of the composite for controlled discharging process. - Developing and examining the single cell storage unit to understand the thermal behavior of the prepared storage materials and package them in optimized heat exchangers, using optimized storage modules. The optimization will be performed to achieve highest energy density and smart control on charging and discharging process of the storage unit. - The storage principle of utilizing prepared materials for short and long-term heat storage will be investigated by delivering design data for a prototype large enough for single family houses.

The SmartHeat will provide an innovative approach to utilize meta stable supercooled salts as the storage medium for a smart heat battery. This can provide both the short and long-term storage capabilities for residential applications without having the penalty of heat losses. The Smart Heat will provide a clean, efficient and cost-effective thermal energy storage solution for the urban environment.