Offshore Maintenance JIP II

Publieke samenvatting / Public summary

Offshore weather conditions have a strong influence on the business case for offshore wind farms. Wind, waves, and currents impact the O&M in planning and forecasting, turbine accessibility, etc. The collection of reliable on-site data and intelligent data processing is crucial to enabling more accurate decision making which will ultimately reduce the cost of offshore wind by improving maintenance and access strategies. As offshore wind projects increase in number, size and distance to shore the access strategies become increasingly more important for developers.

Operation and maintenance (O&M) of offshore wind turbines is one of the main cost drivers of offshore wind energy. The main objective of the Offshore Maintenance JIP II (hereafter: ‘OM JIP II’) is to reduce the cost and risk of offshore wind O&M, by developing the Meteo Dashboard such that it can be used for short-term access strategy selection for offshore wind. To reach this objective the Meteo Dashboard system will be developed into an integrated software system that collects, stores, computes and presents measured and forecasted meteo- and hydrodynamic data – translated into vessel movements and human performance - for decision making of maintenance activities for offshore wind farms.

Short description of activities

The work plan consists of two technical work packages (WP). The scope of work is split up as follows:

  • Work package 1: Further development of the Meteo Dashboard such that it can present forecasted data (in addition to metocean: vessel motions & technician performance) in combination with local measurement data in an easy accessible and easy interpretable webbased dashboard that is developed in coordination with the end-users, the offshore wind farm
  • Work package 2: The developed Meteo Dashboard system will be implemented in the existing Innogy offshore wind farm, the results are validated and the tool will be further improved based on the evaluation of the operational team and measurements during a long period of sea trials. 

The output of the OM JIP II will be a further developed and improved Meteo Dashboard such that it can be used for short-term access strategy selection for offshore wind. The developed tool will be used by the participants to have lower costs and safety risks during their daily offshore maintenance activities by more accurate O&M planning.

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