North Sea Energy

Publieke samenvatting / Public summary

This proposal contains the rationale of the most urgent research steps to be taken within the innovation project on System Integration Offshore Energy under the umbrella of the Top Consortiums for Knowledge and Innovation (TKI Gas and TKI Wind op Zee) The urgency of this research project is high as: currently the blueprints for offshore infrastructure deployment are being made for future windfarms; cessation and decommissioning of current oil and gas production activities in the North Sea offshore is ongoing and an important issue for the coming years; emission regulation is tightening which requires new investments in clean offshore power supply, and the long-term spatial agenda for the North Sea towards 2050 is being sketched; and enhanced international cooperation on energy in Northwest Europe just started. This provides a window of opportunity right now.

This Innovation Project has clear goals focussing on gathering and developing specific knowledge on offshore system integration: 1. To increase insight into the interplay between different users and interests relevant for the strategic planning of energy activities in the North Sea domain and the associated impacts on the system and its surroundings; 2. To provide insight into the human capital agenda for the offshore sector and present the regulatory framework for offshore system integration; 3. To provide insights into the techno-economic status of potential offshore energy system integration options and assess the commercial value for the Netherlands of further developing these options; and 4. To better understand how system integration could improve the health, safety and environmental performance of the offshore energy sector as a whole. The final and foremost goal of the project is: 5. To serve as a knowledge sharing platform where stakeholders from multiple disciplines and sectors will join forces and share information, knowledge and expertise.

Korte omschrijving
The next steps encompass the further development of the Innovation Project North Sea Energy and creating a community of participating companies and research organisations. Based on different stakeholder workshops we have identified the most relevant short-term research topics that will be addressed in the Innovation Project. The ambition is to realise a national innovation platform which brings together the current initiatives on system integration in the North Sea.