Low cost prefab Roof-integrated PV system

Publieke samenvatting / Public summary

In the LOCI project, the next step will be taken in the full development of this highly promising BIPV roof concept. The following key innovations will be targeted in the LOCI project: - Realize new prototype roof-integrated system according to improved specifications and product design requirements. - Raise the efficiency by making a switch from thin film silicon to crystalline silicon elements, thereby reducing the system costs further. - Improving the appeal to project developers and end-users by the parallel development of several optical appearances and color choices. To retain overall conversion efficiency, in particular the dark color tones will be investigated and compared, such as dark black, dark blue and dark red. - Improve the total installation concept by making a new system design that includes smart system components such as micro-inverters. This is of particular importance to renovation of social housing areas due to the lack of storage space that could host a big central inverter in these kind of houses.

Korte omschrijving
Project is een vervolg op een eerder verrichte SBIR haalbaarheidsstudie die uiteindelijk geresulteerd heeft in een prototype: In the LOCI project a low-cost prefabbed BIPV system for residential houses will be developed. The BIPV system will be based on commercially available frameless PV laminates. The innovation of the system lies in the way the laminates are used to construct a watertight BIPV roof with the right combination of low cost, full roof coverage, sound weatherability and good aestethics. In particular, the integration of the PV elements into prefab insulation elements should be stressed. These refab elements promise an extremely fast installation time, which allows a strong reduction of the installation costs. The new “glass roof” concept will be perfectly suitable for bigger renovation projects, e.g. of social housing areas. The project includes field testing of the system, quality testing of the components and development of a techno-financial model aimed at social housing corporations.