Innovative shaped stabilized PCM for direct solar receiver-storage

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There is growing need for flexibility of using the solar energy as one of sustainable energy sources. Due to intermitted nature of solar energy, combining solar collector with a compact thermal energy storage system contributes strongly to the desired flexibility and energy savings while maintaining a secure supply and level of comfort.

The aim of Inno-DSS project is to develop and characterize a novel shape stabilized PCMs (SSPCMs) for solar-thermal energy conversion and storage. The proposed SSPCMs can act as a photon capture and heater under the solar radiation providing: - Capability of direct solar energy conversion and storage - High light-to-thermal conversion efficiency collectors

Korte omschrijving
In this study, a novel SSPCMs with high light-to-thermal conversion efficiency is proposed for direct solar absorption and storage as well as a thermal battery for solar collectors by addressing following issues: - Investigation of using Nanoclays as a nucleating agent to suppress the supercooling and promote crystallization of salt hydrates which includes: assessment of crystallography, thermo-physical properties as well as their thermal energy storage capability and supercooling degree. - Preparation of SSPCMs with high light-to-thermal conversion efficiency and thermal storage capacity by employing different nano-carbon materials. Moreover, the thermo-physical properties such as thermal conductivity, shape stability, energy storage and light absorption capability of SSPCMs will be investigated. - Developing direct solar collector-storage using the prepared SSPCMs as irradiation absorber and storage medium. A numerical model will be developed to define the design criteria of the system. Moreover, an experimental setup will be built to test the performance of the collector-storage and validate the proposed model.

In Inno-DSS project, an innovative compact direct solar-thermal conversion-storage is developed using a novel SSPCMs. With this system, heat can be stored in compact system and with less losses compared to conventional solar collectors and heat storage systems coupled with hot water tanks.