HiLo Pile Driving

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Hammering is usually done by brute force, requiring overdimensioned piles.

The aim of the project is to perform a field experiment to validate the IHC Hydrohammer calculations and back up the theoretical framework in which HiLo Pile Driving was developed.

Korte omschrijving
In this field test, the pile stresses and accelerations are measured at the pile top (PDA-measurement), together with a very accurate measurement of the pile penetration and hammer performance.
Secondly a model is developed that determines the consumed life-time during piling based on global piling parameters. This models allows the cost-effective determination of consumed life-time during piling and gives input to envisioned monitoring programmes.

The project results in insight in a new more gentle way of hammering introducing less fatigue and deformation in the foundation of large offshore wind farms and reducing emitted noise.