Eavor Loop Feasibility for Tilburg (Amer network)and Outlook for application in the Netherlands

Publieke samenvatting / Public summary

For the Netherlands, the EAVOR loop (EL) has the potential to unlock vast amounts of geothermal energy as the host rock may be impermeable. However, for commercial development in the Netherlands we need: lowering of costs for drilling; assessment of environmental safety and sustainability; optimized performance for heat networks.

The main objective is to assess the applicability of the Eavor loop technology as the primary heat source for city heating networks in the Netherlands. This is accomplished through a feasibility study for the Amer heat network and by providing an outlook for wider adaptation in the Netherlands.

Korte omschrijving
• WP1 Feasibility study of subsurface of Tilburg area for Eavor Loop (EL) including: geological model; EL design, drilling cost and time estimates. • WP2 Optimized drilling rig design and drilling practices for EL lowering construction costs, reducing costs 10-20% compared to conventional drilling. • WP3 Environmental impact & safety assesses the environmental impact and safety of the EL. We aim to asses the value of environmental benefits of EL – no corrosion, no RA scales, no pump energy, no leakage risks, low risk of induced seismicity. • WP4 System integration EAVOR in district heating: the Eavor loop contains many engineering and operational parameters, which need to be tailored for system integration in heat networks. In this WP we will optimize the EL design towards district heating network integration, showcased for the Amer network. • WP5 Outlook for NL and dissemination for wider implementation in the Netherlands.

This project will deliver a feasibility study of all the aspects that are important for applicability of the Eavor loop technology to deliver safe and affordable sustainable heat for city heating purposes in the Netherlands.