Advanced Solar Monitoring - Phase 1

Publieke samenvatting / Public summary

In the coming decade we expect a huge increase in the installed base of PV systems in The Netherlands and as such a large increase of solar electricity generated.

This gives rise to a number of simultaneous challenges: (1) PV systems will become a commodity for residential and professional consumers which needs a transparent PV system supply market. (2) grid operators and consumers want to understand and forecast the generation of solar power as a function of place and time, in order to enable supply and demand management . (3) mapping available solar potential in terms of system size and return on investment per location; (4) low cost high responsive service systems for maintaining solar systems.

Korte omschrijving
The vision of the overall ASM project is that these 4 objectives can be served best using large connected national data sets (“big data”). The current project proposal ASM-1 is for a first step towards that vision (we call it Phase 1): the first step on the way to the national connected datasets with an emphasis on data collection, and demonstration of the power of the “big data” approach.