A new LNG measurement standard including energy metering, supporting emission reductions and economi

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As a transport fuel, LNG is getting much attention because of a lower negative impact on the environment compared to conventional fuels. However, the lack of an LNG-measurement infrastructure is hampering large scale roll-out. This project follows up on previous research and aims at completing the required LNG measurement infrastructure.

To facilitate the large scale roll-out of LNG as a transport fuel by completing the required metrological infrastructure. One of the goals of TKI Gas is to have 16% of diesel engines be replaced with LNG engines.

Korte omschrijving
- Design and development of reference liquefier for natural gas of a known composition.
- Build up practical energy metering knowledge and experience
- Analyses and reporting on the validation of the reference liquefier, measurement composition system and a performance assessment of various energy meters
- Following the above activities, completion of the measurement infrastructure for LNG energy metering.

Measurement standards and respective instrumentation for LNG flow, composition and energy measurements, which is required for the large scale roll-out of LNG as a transport fuel.