TLP to Fish JIP (T2F)

Publieke samenvatting / Public summary

The project aims to prove the technical feasibility of the mooring a traditional cylindrical fish cage for open water aquaculture to a moored Tension Leg Platform (TLP) using a single point mooring system between the fish cage and the submerged TLP pontoon. Multipleā€use of the sea requires innovations to allow platforms to be used for different activities. The TLP is a strong and viable floater technology for support of large offshore wind turbines. Typically in wind farms other activities like trawler based fishing are not allowed. Aquaculture may provide a commercial alternative to the fishery sector. By providing the deeply submerged TLP pontoon legs as mooring point for the fish cages, the fish farm can also be located at deep water sites offshore, without the need for heavy and expensive moorings.