SunCycle 2nd generation concentrator cell-assembly

Publieke samenvatting / Public summary

The main goal of this project is to realize a demonstration SunCycle-2 system with a dedicated SunCycle cell-assembly, showing an increase in module efficiency compared to the first generation SunCycle-1 systems that will be piloted in 2013. The first generation SunCycle-1 efficiency target is 16%, the overall efficiency of SunCycle-2 should rise to 20%. Cost price target for Suncycle-2 is € 25,- for a 50 Wp system. Suncycle-2 is primarily targeted as an export product for regions with a large amount of direct solar irradiance. In the Sunbelt region the electricity yield is estimated as 1,5 kWh/yr per Wp.

Korte omschrijving
Whereas regular concentrator systems are suited for deployment in power fields, recently an innovative CPV concept that allows for rooftop integration was developed and patented by SunCycle. A cooperation with Voestalpine to initiate large scale production is in place. In this first generation system, commercial available III/V solar cells on sub mount will be applied in the SunCycle-1 version. To fully exploit the system, a specific cell assembly must be developed to match the specific optical properties of the focus point in the SunCycle system. In this project, this cell-assembly will be developed, integrated in the SunCycle-2 version system and tested.