Slip Joint Offshore Research project

Publieke samenvatting / Public summary

The Slip Joint is an alternative connection between an offshore wind turbine and its foundation. It works and looks like two paper cups upside down stacked on top of each other. The connection is based on friction, where the weight ensures a firm and stable connection. Installation is done by simply sliding the wind turbine over the monopile without the use of grout or bolts. This simple mechanism allows for cost reduction in material, equipment & personnel as well as allowing for a shorter installation time. It is the first time a slip-joint connection is deployed offshore.

The Slip Joint connection is a logical next step in the evolution of the monopile-turbine interface. Initially, the connection was created using concrete (grout) to fill in the gap between a transition piece and the monopile. The industry then moved to bolted connections. 


First offshore wind turbine using the Slip Joint connection successfully installed (Press release, 2018)


More information on the SJOR Project can be found on the GROW website.