PhotovoltaIc Systems Installation OptimizatioN

Publieke samenvatting / Public summary

The growth of the number of installed solar panels is insufficient to reach the ambitious goal of an installed capacity of 4GWp in 2020. The huge potential of solar panels is not met by actual investments due to a lack of trust in the technology and clarity about corresponding financial benefits. This creates a challenge for the Dutch government.

This project aims to develop an innovative software solution that can efficiently (fully automated) design optimal PV systems for any location. This will lead to PV systems with a better performance (more kWh/kWp), lower acquisition costs for installation companies and more reliable data to boost the adoption of solar energy in the Netherlands.

Korte omschrijving
Partners involved in the project are: Solar Monkey, Readaar, TU Delft and Universiteit Utrecht. Activities that need to be carried out are: 1 Identification of individual properties per building for every individual roof surface. 2 Research to the albedo effect on the performance of bifacial modules 3 Automatic design of PV systems with the highest possible energy output for that specific location (including energy yield modelling), based on the individual properties per building/roof surface. 4 Validation of system performances by monitoring (in the lab and in real life) through big data analyses.

The result consists of innovative software that installation companies can use to automatically design systems, calculate their yield and optimize their output.