Perovskite modules manufactured via a R2R process, yielding stable and efficient PV devices

Publieke samenvatting / Public summary

Perovskite solar cells emerge as a new technology enabling efficient and stable modules. Roll-to-roll production of these modules with high-throughput, consumes low amounts of abundant materials at low temperatures leading to low cost modules with an improved environmental profile, while public support for the energy transition requires aesthetic solar solutions.

Develop an industrially relevant process for manufacturing perovskite solar modules. Develop an encapsulant material and process for roll lamination of perovskite modules and assess at an early stage whether perovskite solar modules could be compatible with Mass Customization.

Korte omschrijving
In this project TNO processes flexible perovskite laminates in a continuous process. An electrical connection is added to the laminate by TNO and DoMicro. Maan develops a roll lamination process for the perovskite modules together with materials supplier Yparex. Rockpanel identifies new BIPV products based on the perovskite modules and VDL identifies the needed equipment (modifications) for a future process line.

Perseverance delivers: - A roll-to-roll process for semi-fabricate perovskite coatings on foils, - A back-end interconnection process to manufacture modules from the coated foils, - A roll lamination material and process to encapsulate the perovskite modules, and - An industrial route to integrate the modules in building elements.