Optimization of pilot operation and solvent strategy fo full scale CO2 Capture at Twence

Publieke samenvatting / Public summary

Twence is very active in exploring ways to reduce CO2 emission. The company has a 'small scale' CO2 capture and utilization plant installed at their Energy from Waste plant in Hengelo. The process captures 2~3 ktonne CO2 per year. This gas is used in-situ for producing sodiumbicarbonate, which is injected in the flue gas treatment to remove acid impurities. Building up on this experience, Twence has plans to capture CO2 on large scale, 100 ktonne CO2 per year, andmake it available for useful applications.

The project aims to prepare the large scale CO2 installation by improving the operation control of the small scale CO2 capture plant, herein referred to as “the pilot plant” hereby creating opportunities for improvement for the implementation of the large scale project.

Korte omschrijving
Twence is in a unique position when it comes to CO2 capture and utilization from waste incineration facilities: the company already owns and operates a pilot plant. Moreover, the plant is commercially relevant for Twence, as it produces a valuable product, bicarbonate, that is consumed on site. This circular utilization of CO2 is economic, and therefore the pilot is operated continuously. In the current project, the control of the pilot plant operation will be improved, and improvements for the full-scale implementation will become available. These activities are organized in four work packages: WP1 Troubleshooting pilot plant operation WP2 Implement pilot plant modifications WP3 mprove control of pilot plant operation WP4 Opportunities for improvement for a full scale CO2 capture WP5 Management and dissemination

The project will have two main results. First, it will improve the control of the pilot plant operation, enhancing the plant availability and lowering maintenance costs. Second, it will make available improvements for the operating of the 100 ktonne CCU project which will make an investment decision easier and will support the application for an integrated environmental permit for the upscaled capture installation.