nExt geNeration COmpRession hEat pump

Publieke samenvatting / Public summary

80% of industrial energy use is in heat. Currently this heat is generated by using gas. In order to reduce our CO2 emissions and our dependency on gas from Groningen or abroad, there is a need to replace gas use by sustainable generated electricity use. Heat pumps provide an energy efficient option to achieve this. Commercially available heat pumps, however, are limited in maximum output temperature – currently around 100oC – and temperature lift whilst the investment costs are significant.

The goal of the ENCORE project is to increase performance of compression heat pumps in terms of: • increased output temperature up to 180°C so it comes into levels typically used in industry; • increased temperature lift of 80K so low temperature waste heat can be used as heat source for the heat pump; • increased energy efficiency and performance so costs per kW heat output are reduced; • increased flexibility & dynamics so the heat pump can benefit from volatility of electricity prices, especially with increased share of renewables

Korte omschrijving
The project consists of six work packages. WP1 relates to identifying the requirements/boundary conditions together with end-users in terms of output temperature, temperature lift, size, efficiency as well as other aspects such as safety issues, legislation-related issues and system integration. WP2 to WP4 have a strong R&D character where a range of theoretical improvements will be tested in practice. This will be done on a compression heat pump test unit which will be modified for the improvements. These include new working media (WP2), innovative cycles & improved performance (WP3) and dynamic behaviour and response (WP4). The test results will yield insight in the achievable performance and this will be used for WP5 where a full-scale design including a cost estimate is made. WP6 consists of the project management and dissemination activities.

The results consist of a series of technological improvements for high temperature compression heat pumps, such as new working media, innovative cycles and components and dynamic control.