Macro-economic outlook of sustainable energy and biorenewables

Publieke samenvatting / Public summary

The overall study provides insight into the macro-economic impact of the large-scale use of biomass in the Netherlands and aspects of its sustainability (2030). Compared to the macro-economic survey published in 2009, a deepening of the earlier work serves the following objectives. I: provides insight in the macro-economic impact and sustainability effects of different applications of biomass (e.g. energy, biofuels, chemistry). II: provides further insights in the development of other key energy\chemical technologies including changes in supplies of fossil fuels, CCS, and renewable energy technologies (e.g. wind, sun) which compete with the biobased applications. III: provides regional specific insights into the macro-economic impact of the emerging biobased capacity in the Netherlands. IV: provides insight in the international origin and sourcing of biomass and the related sustainability performance.