Industrial Research for Improving LNG Flow and Composition Measurements

Publieke samenvatting / Public summary

VSL, together with several stakeholders are developing and building the Metrological Backbone for the Small Scale value chain. The nature and scale of LNG as fuel is such that new measurement systems have to be developed to support this value chain. Each measurement instrument supplier will develop its own approach and solution for the market. Industrial research is needed to provide validated models and to make measurements comparable and in line with this “new” product, LNG as fuel. The market: suppliers, traders, warehousing and end-users need physical reference standards that makes the business transparent and reliable. The project “Industrial Research for LNG Flow and Composition Measurements” should make this possible.

Korte omschrijving
The proposed research is the second phase of the development of LNG test & calibration facilities. The first phase was the erection of the flow facility. The second phase includes the development of a composition measurement calibration standard, the metrological validation of the completed flow and composition facility and running the R&D program.