In my backyard please

Publieke samenvatting / Public summary

The contours of the Dutch Climate Agreement show that significant land areas outside the built environment, such as agricultural land are required to be covered with PV Parks. Societal acceptance becomes pivotal when these parks are placed in public view. The national consortium “Zon in Landschap” strives to gain this acceptance with inspiring designs, co-creative development processes and cutting-edge PV technology.

The aim of this project is to determine how to design and develop affordable ground-based PV parks that are societally accepted and desired. The project is in line with the TKI-Urban Energy program on physical integration of PV systems in public space.

Korte omschrijving
The project starts by investigating the latent needs of a community and stakeholders by social psychologists at a location in the Netherlands that are likely to be confronted with PV parks (TNO / DIG- Design Innovation Group / WUR). Building on this report, a close collaboration follows between landscape architects (WUR), designers (DIG), print visualization experts (TS Visuals) and PV experts (TNO) targeting landscape integration, the development of a smart mock-up of a PV system and the organization of a co-creation workshop with residents. Through multiple design-steps the synergy is sought between PV with multiple land uses for agriculture, biodiversity, recreation and/or water management. Sensors are integrated in the mock-up to monitor the irradiance on the soil below and surrounding the PV mock-up system over several seasons which helps to predict the development of biodiversity and soil quality (TNO). During this period the impact on plant growth and other consequences of the park will be monitored (WUR).

The project delivers multiple designs of landscape integrated PV parks featuring multiple land uses and in-depth knowledge about stakeholder involvement. In addition, a novel research tool will be developed that allows for location specific predictions of park bound biodiversity development in advance of commercial park development.