Improving Geothermal System Performance through collective Knowledge Building and Technology Develop

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the geothermal sector still faces a significant number of underperforming doublets, posing a strong limitation on a region's growth of geothermal energy utilization. In order to overcome these challenges, the consolidation and sharing of knowledge, including validated strategies for prevention and mitigation needs to be in place.

To improve geothermal system performance, lower operational expenses and extend the life-time of infrastructure by the concept of combining data collection, predictive modelling, innovative technology development and in-situ validation.

Korte omschrijving
PERFORM will establish a singleand shared knowledge database, build predictive models and demonstrate new and improved, cost-effective technologies which will reduce or even eliminateflow-obstructive scaling, clogging, and resistance to fluid (re-)injectionat eight geothermal plants across Europe

An increase of the energy output by 10 to 50%