Novel Magneto Caloric Materials

Improved preparation of novel Magneto Caloric Materials

Publieke samenvatting / Public summary

Currently the most promising magnetocaloric materials for near room-temperature heat-pump applications are quinary compounds base on Mn-Fe-P-Si-B. The combination of transition metal, metalloid and non-metal bears some complication for melt synthesis. Most refractory metals react at elevated temperatures with such a melt.

The project aims at further improving our understanding and knowledge of magnetocaloric materials which is needed to come to the development of a reproducible and scalable synthesis route of magnetocaloric materials that can efficiently operate in magnetic heat pumps.

Korte omschrijving
Because there is no literature on the interaction of this type of multicomponent melts with solid surfaces, this project aims at resolving this issue by extensive experimental tests. In collaboration with BASF various materials shall be tested that may be suited to contain these melts.

Clarifying the interaction of multicomponent melts with other solids can have considerable impact on the synthesis route of choice for new magnetocaloric materials.