High Performance Geothermal Well

Publieke samenvatting / Public summary

Radial jetting is a potential stimulation technique to improve the performance of injectors and producer wells. With radial jet drilling, several open hole laterals are jetted from the main well bore, which enhance the connectivity of the well to the surrounding rock and thereby the well productivity and/or injectivity.

To validate and demonstrate that radial jetting has the potential to increase geothermal production at reduced costs for three geothermal reservoirs in the Netherlands.

Korte omschrijving
A dynamic geological model will be updated for three major geothermal reservoirs. The natural flow rate will be predicted for each reservoir. The same calculation will be made with an optimized well completion with radials. Based on this maximum flow rate and the reservoir model, two radial configurations will be designed (TNO) consisting of the target depths, number of radials, direction of the radials and a description of the type of completion. The subsequent activity will be the design of a template for a generic radial-jetting project plan and 6 specific operational radial jetting plans.

The lessons-learned from six pilot test of radial jetting that will shed light on the potential of this technology to provide reliable, cost-effective and durable performance enhancement of three different geothermal reservoirs.