High-Efficiency Si Perovskite Tandem Solar Cells

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Crystalline silicon PV technology is reaching its practical efficiency limit. The emergence of perovskite solar cells presents an opportunity for high efficiency modules of a stack (“tandem”) of perovskite on crystalline silicon solar cells. Dutch industry is well positioned to play a strong role in this novel technology.

The goal of the project is to combine development of a novel advanced industrial crystalline silicon cell with state of the art perovskite solar cell and module technology, resulting in tandem cell efficiency of 28% and module efficiency of 25% (area 6x6 inch2), at Technology Readiness Level 5.

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Tempress and ECN will develop a novel silicon cell, with polysilicon passivating contacts on both front and rear side, advantageous and uniquely suited for tandem operation. The performance as bottom cell in a tandem can be very high, while it can be manufactured with a lean process flow. TNO and ECN will develop efficient semi-transparent perovskite solar cells and modules using scalable deposition processes and laser-based monolithic interconnection. TU/e will develop and contribute ALD processes for selective charge transport layers and highly transparent conductive oxides, as well as ultra-thin chemical passivation layers directly on the perovskite absorber to improve the perovskite’s performance and stability to subsequent processes. TNO and ECN will perform integration to 4-terminal tandems.
This project is part of an international SOLAR-ERA.NET proposal. Partner projects will contribute high quality perovskites made by vacuum processing, and 2-terminal applications.

The project will deliver industrial processes for a 6 inch bottom cell with efficiency >10.4% in filtered operation, and semitransparent perovskite cells with efficiency >18%. Minimodules will be produced with aperture area efficiency >25% and area of 6x6 inch2. Industrial feasibility and barriers for commercial exploitation will be analysed.