SMB for Biogas

Enabling the use of additional biogas sources by a more efficient separation of nitrogen from methan

Publieke samenvatting / Public summary

DMT is active in biogas upgrading and separation. Increasingly nitrogen is viewed as a problem and needs to be removed.
Current options are not cost effective, hence the potential use of SMB technology to do this.

The projects aims at delivering a proof of concept and economic assessment of a full scale system, of the use of SMB technology for selective removal nitrogen from biomethane production systems to enable the production of biomethane and bio-LNG from additional sources against lower costs.

Korte omschrijving
The project partners DMT and TNO intend to deliver a proof of concept, economic assessment and full scale design of a SMB system to selectively remove nitrogen from Biomethane systems.
-DMT: commercialization partner and supplier of biogas separation and purification systems
-TNO: R&D institute and technology provider
Project activities and involved partners in order of involvement:
- WP1:Technology boundary definitions -> identify typical system boundaries and required performance (DMT, TNO)
- WP2: Proof of concept -> modelling of typical systems and experimentation to assess efficiency of (parts) of the SMB technology (TNO and DMT)
- WP3: Modelling and economic assessment -> full scale design and model to be used in combination with the results of WP1 and WP2 for the economic assessment (TNO and DMT)

Proof of concept of the selective removal of nitrogen with SMB technology, design of full-scale system and economic assessment for both biomethane and bio-LNG production.