Easy clean PV

Publieke samenvatting / Public summary

PV installations are a fast growing market in the Netherlands. Due to pollution of the PV panels the power production is approx. 3% lower compared to cleaned panels. Therefore several companies start cleaning services mainly using (reversed osmosis) water. However in few weeks the dust deposition and bigger dirt like bird droppings can be back again.

This project aims to develop an easy clean coating which can be used by professional cleaning companies to prevent the dust and dirt to stick on the solar panels. The coating is based on TNO's development of an easy clean coating for greenhouse horticulture. The coating will have the following characteristics: 1. Water based, no harming chemicals; 2. Lifetime of at least 2 years (recurrent application necessary); 3. No adhesion of dust and bird droppings; 4. Rainwater will rinse the panels; 5. No negative impact on light transmission; 6. Applicable with spray equipment; 7. Low contact angle (hydrophilic surface properties).

Korte omschrijving
The project starts with formulation of a program of demands. After that TNO will formulate 5 different coatings based on their knowledge position in this field and the experience in the greenhouse application. Mardenkro will test the application method with the samples (on lab scale) and will set up a test protocol and program. Based on the preliminary results this cycle will be repeated. Promising coating recipes will be taken apart for a long term performance test program at TNO. Furthermore they will be tested on a lab scale outdoor test consisting of 10 commercial PV panels with micro inverters. After three design cycles and the performance tests a business case will be made for the most promising coating recipes. If this business case is positive a long term commercial outdoor test will be performed at minimal three commercial PV installations. During this last phase also a design will be made for the needed production technology. Also stakeholder meetings will be organized at the outdoor test, focusing on specialized PV cleaning companies and end users.

The project will result in an easy clean coating recipe, which complies to the program of demands. Also data of the field test will be available and implemented in a business case focusing on the end user. Furthermore a design will be available how the coating can be produced at Mardenkro. If the results are positive, Mardenkro will be able to invest in the upscaling of the production process and to start the marketing activities.