Coupled Controllers

Coupled Controllers

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Offshore operation vessels are becoming more and more advanced with multiple control systems installed on-board. Typical control systems are DP systems, motion compensated gangways, motion compensated cranes, motion compensated tugger wires, motion compensated grippers, etc. Traditionally these systems are add-ons to the vessel: the systems are developed by different manufacturers, installed onboard of the ship and operate independently of each other. In a holistic approach all systems together contribute to the purpose of the operation. However an offshore operation vessel is often not a holistic design, but the combination of many systems.


In order to allow multiple systems on board to work together with each other MARIN aims to develop a methodology and numerical platform to couple various control systems. The aim of the project is to investigate and demonstrate how coupled control system are able to improve the efficiency and workability of offshore wind applications. Coupled control systems allow to improve the overall efficiency of the vessel, increase the workability and thus reduce costs of offshore wind operations.

Short description

Generic coupled control system methodologies will be developed. The effectivity will be demonstrated by coupling of Seaqualize's novel XY control system for offshore lifting cranes to a DP system.