Cables in Floating Solar

Publieke samenvatting / Public summary


Electricity cables are needed to transmit electricity that is generated by floating solar panels to the shore. The cables on one end connect to the floater at the sea surface, bridge a distance to go from the free surface to the seabed, after which they are guided toward a transformer station. Recent press releases have reported substantial financial losses to resolve cable issues which were not properly designed for te North Sea offshore conditions.


In this project, we are going to carry out prototype scale tests in the Delta Flume facility of Deltares, with the aim to understand the behaviour of the (floating) cables under a range of offshore hydrodynamic and wave conditions.


With the results of this research it will be possible to advance theoretical concepts of the effect of offshore conditions on cable infrastructure, to realistic applications. This understanding is expected to result in a better design of cable protection systems, leading to longer lifetime of the cable infrastructure and significant reduction of maintenance costs.