Publieke samenvatting / Public summary

In this project, a new bifacial BIPV module integrated into the built environment will be designed, and tested. The focus is set on the energy yield, potential cost reduction, flexibility and aesthetic aspects. Bifacial cells will be optimized for use in BIPV modules by tuning optical coatings, metallization and interconnection patterns and bifaciality ratio. Additionally, the performance determination strategies, methods and simulation model will be developed. Finally, the design of the modules will be validated and demonstrated in a building-integrated setting.

The newly developed modules should show an increased energy yield and provide a significant reduction of electricity generation costs in BIPV applications. In addition, accurately validated models for these modules will be designed. The feasibility of including the models into PV planning tools will be investigated. Finally, the new modules will be tested to establish the energy yield advantages and demonstrated in a BIPV setting in a number of buildings under three different climates. In conclusion, the project will bring essential advances for BIPV design and standardization.