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Developing a sustainable energy option which will realise additional energy through innovation. This technology is based on the use of shallow soil energy (< 2 m).

The development of a water-air-air heat pump, making use of a new to develop heat exchanger, with additional air exchange compartment. The technology will start to function on the basis of a connected horizontal capture network filled with water, buried at a depth of 1.5 meters and making use of the heat flow (solar energy) in the upper layer of the earth.

Regular heat pumps have a number of drawbacks which will disappear with the development of this system. The new to develop system will not freeze and does not require antifreeze. In addition, this capture network does not have to be at greater depths and so this will be a positive point concerning investment costs.

The realization of an environmentally friendly water-air-air heat pump through innovative heat exchange with a value of COP-6, using shallow heat flow in soil and water. The heating power of the heat pump will be sufficient to achieve zero-on-the-gas meter for private homes.

Korte omschrijving
Applicant starts with making a technical concept for the water-air-air heat pump and heat exchange. Collectively, with said heat-specialists, both the water-air-air heat pump, the heat exchanger and the frame, and the casing are going to be developed. Next, we examine the heat requirements of the intended test location and the technology of the capture network. During the development process, attention will also be paid to research to connect to existing systems such as underfloor heating and low temperature radiators. A pilot plant heat water-air-air heat pump will be build and tested in laboratory settings. When these results are positive a practice test location will be build for extensive testing to get a good understanding of the operating principle. If necessary optimization will take place and one can conclude by drawing up a final concept.

To achieve a water-air-air heat pump without using glycol with a COP value of six, enough to effectuate zero on-the-gas meter for a private home.