AVR Duiven - CO2 Capture

Publieke samenvatting

AVR, as an Energy from Waste-company with a longstanding history of recovering value from the least valuable considered resources, is continuously developing technology and commercial supply chains to recover energy and resources from waste. Energy in the form of steam, heat and electricity, and secondary resources from ashes, such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and minerals. One of the last residual resources is currently still CO2 leaving the chimney, approximately 400 ktonnes of CO2 of which 150 ktonnes from fossil sources from AVR’s plant in Duiven, Gelderland.

AVR is considering to build and operate a 50 ktonnes CO2 per year plant, capturing CO2 from flue gas, compression and liquefaction.

Korte omschrijving
The produced CO2 will mostly be supplied to the horticulture sector during the summer season. In this project, TNO will first assist AVR in the technical and economic evaluation of the capture unit. Secondly, upon a successful go/no go, a dedicated pilot plant test will be done at AVR to asses solvent management issues, such as emission and solvent life time.