Advanced LNG Apprentice Training Program

Publieke samenvatting

"Due to the current and expected increase of the transport and subsequent usage of LNG and strongly
expanding LNG industry, on both a Dutch, European and global scale, an alarmingly high shortage of
LNG specific skilled staff is anticipated. This innovative project aims to create a constant flow of skilled
personnel to the Dutch LNG industry as a whole by combining the forces of the STC as a nautical and
technical education expert and AV as a ship owner and operator of small scale LNG vessel(s)"

"Anthony Veder Rederijzaken B.V. (“AV”) and STC-Group (“STC”) have the intention to join forces
aiming to provide the growing Dutch LNG industry with LNG specific educated and experienced staff."

Korte omschrijving
"Developing an (on land and on board) LNG specific educational program: an LNG vessel with
sufficient accommodation capacity to carry apprentices facilitating them to get a hands – on education
after they have completed their minor on the carriage of (liquefied) gas at the STC owners of MV Coral
Anthelia have been found willing to participate in this project and support it financially."