Eastern Offshore

A study into the prospectivity of the carboniferous and permian in the Eastern Dutch Offshore

Publieke samenvatting

his area has no gas production from Permian or Carboniferous reservoirs, the main reason
being the absence of reservoir rocks in this area.

to better understand the distribution of Permian
and Carboniferous reservoir sands in the Dutch Eastern Offshore
(G,H, M, N,blocks) and increase the prospectivity of this area

Korte omschrijving
two hypotheses will be tested in the project.
The first hypothesis is that they belong to an older formation than the Slochteren formation. In the second
hypothesis these sands are part of the northern fringe system of the Slochteren formation. In both cases thicker sand deposits are expected towards the north.
The approach will be similar to the Northern Offshore Project.

The main results of this project can be used directly for exploration purposes.
Furthermore, this multidisciplinary project will lead to an improved understanding of the Carboniferous
and Permian in the Dutch Eastern Offshore and potentially assert new areas for future exploration
in the Dutch offshore.