A Novel Concept for an Aesthetic Energy Roof AER

Publieke samenvatting / Public summary

The final goal of this project should result in a prototype Aesthetic Energy Roof module and associated system concept, ready to be launched on the market. - A high aesthetic standard, by means of a full glass watertight surface; - Multiple modules, forming a total package, resulting in an energy roof solution; - A flexible solution, also suitable for non-rectangular roofs; - A high quality construction lifetime; - At least cost competitive with other available solutions; - Easy and quick installation, to reduce installation costs; - Easy exchangeable in case of breakage or malfunction; - Multi-purpose suitable for new as well as replacement roofs.

Korte omschrijving
The Dutch ambitions on the application of photovoltaics require the development of novel buildingintegrated and aesthetically pleasing photovoltaic systems and solutions. In the AER project, the project partners SEAC, Mate4Sun B.V. and Photovoltaic Professional Management B.V. (PPM) join forces to develop such a new and innovative concept for a roof integrated BIPV system. In the first phase of the project, the innovative components of the BIPV system will be prototyped, the standard components will be purchased and a field test setup will be constructed. This phase will end with some field tests and the first weeks of tests to gather measurement data. The second phase of the project focuses on further improvement of the product based on lessons learned on manufacturability and on field performance. The project will end with a fully developed prototype of the novel BIPV system.