12 drying ovens

12 electrical-driven drying ovens

Publieke samenvatting / Public summary

Currently, the Kingspan's Kooltherm insulation board line exists of nine gas fired drying ovens. Kingspan wants to install new, more sustainable ovens. At Kingspan, it is believed that in order to achieve truly future-proofed, sustainable built environments, all buildings must be designed, constructed and operated to deliver benefits for the wellbeing of people and the planet. In order to fulfill the set sustainability objects, like minimizing the environmental impacts across the value chain and offering lower embodied carbon, high-performance solutions, Kingspan wants to invest in 12 brand new state-of-the-art electrical-driven drying ovens. The technical ability of these drying ovens surpass what is currently common in the market.

The goal of the project is to optimize the production process and to contribute to Kingspan's planet passionate ambitions. The project contributes to the objectives of the VEKI subsidy by realizing the following targets: 1. Significantly reduce CO2-emissions from the Kingspan site in Tiel. 2. Significantly reduce energy consumption by implementing efficient technologies. 3. Reduction of NOx emissions. 4. Reduction of other emissions.

Korte omschrijving
The activities involve: extension of the current building space, removal of ovens 7-9, or only oven 9, which depends on the space needed for the new ovens. Installation of 12 ovens followed by the removal of three of the old the ovens and build-up and modification to the new transport system. The project will start within 6 months after subsidy assessment and will be executed within 3 years after the activities are started. In the beginning of 2025 the project will be completed.

The implementation of the above measures will minimize usage of natural gas by replacing ovens consuming natural gas with ovens using electricity. With the described investments Kingspan will reduce the annual CO2-emissions with 1,376 tonnes. This helps Kingspan in reaching its goals for net zero energy production facilities and to accelerate a net-zero emissions future built environment with the wellbeing of people and planet at its heart as described in Kingspan's Planet Passionate Program.